Kibugu coffee is indicated for Filter Coffee.

We went to Kenya for the first time to find this coffee:

Kenya, Embu, Mount Kenya
Cooperative: Ngerwe Factory
Process: Wet (Washed)
Variety: Endemic Blend
Altitude: 1600m
Notes: Tomato Jam and White Chocolate
Energetic and Humorous

Find out the story of this coffee below.

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“And the history of this cafe …”

Kibugu Farmers Co-op has several factories, including the Ngerwe factory in the Embu region, where this coffee comes from. More than 560 farmers produce coffee in this area, in small plots of only 1 hectare. They sell the whole coffee cherries to the cooperative to allow the Ngerwe plant to homogeneously control the process.

After harvesting, ripe coffee cherries are taken to the factory before being processed to remove skin and pulp – known as a wet processing method.

After pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight to deconstruct the sugars, before being cleaned, immersed in water and finally spread on the elevated drying tables. The time on the drying tables depends on the climate, the ambient temperature and can take between 7 to 15 days in total.

The wastewater from this coffee processing is discarded in immersion pits and is also recycled for conservation.

Fine Grind for Italian Moka, French Press and Filter Coffee for 1 person
Medium Grind for Filter Coffee for 2 people
Coarse Grind for Filter Coffee for 3 or more people

* We do not grind 1Kg bags, even for espresso


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