Wacho-Sololo is indicated for Espresso, Filter Coffee, Moka.

We went to the Guji appellation to find this coffee:

Ethiopia, Ana Sorra Terroir, Guji
Farm: Wacho Sololo
Process: Wet (Washed)
Variety: Endemic – Cultivar 74110
Altitude: 1880-2200M
Notes: Fruity and Floral
Refreshing and youthful

Find out more about this coffee below.

We asked our beloved national illustrator Mantraste to help us visually transpose the notes and emotions of this cafe. You can add a risograph flier signed by the artist with a single print run of 25 copies. A collector’s piece for art and coffee lovers.
The value of the print will be delivered to the artist.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


“And the history of this cafe …”

Wacho Sololo is a 167-hectare farm located in the village of the same name, in the name of Guji, in Ana Sorra terroir, an area known for the quality of its coffees.

This coffee is washed and processed at the Tabe Burka washing station, a few kilometers away. It is dried on the spot, in African beds.

It is an altitude coffee, produced under forest, whose shade increases the quality of the harvested beans and contributes to the preservation of a rich environment, part of an old agroforestry system.

The variety of tree species available promotes a dense roof and ideal shade for coffee trees. In these forests, there are ancient species, increasingly rare, that associate particularly well with coffee trees.

Fine Grind for Italian Moka, French Press and Filter Coffee for 1 person
Medium Grind for Filter Coffee for 2 people
Coarse Grind for Filter Coffee for 3 or more people

* We do not grind 1Kg bags, even for espresso


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