Araponga is indicated for Espresso, Filter Coffee, Moka.

We went to the Matas de Minas region to get him this “Controlled Origin” coffee.

Brazil, Matas de Minas, Minas Gerais
Farm: Sítio Santo António do Prado
Producer: Édio Miranda
Process: Natural
Variety: Red and Yellow Catuaí
Altitude: 1200m
Notes: Macadamia with Cocoa
Stimulating and Salivating

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“And the story of this cafe …”

… Begins in 1947 when Édio Miranda and his wife acquire abandoned land. After a lot of dedication, today, the Sítio (farm) is again taken care of and serves as a source of support for the family as well as leisure, as it is located within the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, bathed by several waterfalls and with a privileged view over the mountains.

Coffee production at Sítio is old, but it was only about 15 years ago that they gained focus on quality and, of course, won prizes in coffee contests. Today they count on the help of their children and all together manage the site. The region is extremely privileged, with elevation and a favorable climate for the production of specialty coffees and that is why the coffee arrives from the farm with an exceptional quality, the result of a balance between production and the environment, since degradation is taken into account of the land, the preservation of species and the protection of springs.

It is the second year that we have worked with Mr. Édio Miranda and roasted his Araponga, and we could not be more proud of his good work.

Fine Grind for Italian Moka, French Press and Filter Coffee for 1 person
Medium Grind for Filter Coffee for 2 people
Coarse Grind for Filter Coffee for 3 or more people

* We do not grind 1Kg bags, even for espresso


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