The #33 Microlot is suitable for Espresso, Moka.

We went to Serra do Caparaó to get you this incredible coffee:

Brazil, Minas Gerais, Serra do Caparaó
Farm: Sítio Bela Vista
Producer: Alexandre Emerich
Process: Natural Raisins
Altitude: 1200m
Variety: Catuaí 81 Red
Notes: Caramelized Dried Fruits
Nostalgia and Empowerment

The artist behind this image: Jaqueline Arashida.
You can add a risograph flier signed by the artist to your purchase with a single run of 25 copies. A collector’s piece for art and coffee lovers.
The value of the risograph will be delivered to the artist.

Find out more about this coffee below.

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“And the story of this cafe …”

… Starts in Rio de Janeiro, where Alexandre Emerich was born, when he celebrates his 18th birthday and taking the opposite route from his father, he emigrated to the countryside where he bought a piece of land and started planting coffee.

His specialization in coffee farming, combined with his long experience and passion for coffee, directed him 7 years ago towards the cultivation of specialty coffees.

Sítio Bela Vista is located in Serra do Caparaó in Minas Gerais. Here, sustainable and certified agriculture is practiced: Certificate of Origin of Matas de Minas and Caparaó; 4C (social and environmental laws); Certifica Minas (sustainability and responsibility with production); and UTZ Certificate – Rainforest Alliance. This coffee is a natural raisins, that is, it is a fruit that is left on the tree to ferment during ripening and is only harvested when it is already well wrinkled, and then finish drying on a terrace in the sun for another 15 days. It is the third consecutive year that we have worked with Alexandre and we could not be more proud of the evolution he has been making as a coffee producer, year after year. Congratulations!

Fine Grind for Italian Moka, French Press and Filter Coffee for 1 person
Medium Grind for Filter Coffee for 2 people
Coarse Grind for Filter Coffee for 3 or more people

* We do not grind 1Kg bags, even for espresso


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