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  • V60-Decanter—VDD-02B_1

    Brews coffee for up to 4 persons


    Hario’s V60 Drip Decanter is a great coffee brewer for those who enjoy brewing the V60 way and appreciate Chemex‘s convenience. A V60 filter cone, with its classic ridges, is suspended in an hourglass-shaped spouted glass server, allowing one to brew and serve in and from the same vessel. A silicone band wraps around the waist for a cool and comfortable grip while pouring. For ultimate ease-of-use, the size 02 filter cone and band are removable for cleaning. This self-contained brewing unit highlights the intersection of craft and convenience.

    The V60-02 Decanter can be used to brew coffee for up to four persons (700ml) and it uses the filters VCF-02.

    Includes V60-02 Decanter and 10 paper filters.

    Made in Japan.