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    Brews coffee for up to 4 people


    Siphons have been around forever; what sort of change is worth making? With the NEXT Siphon, Hario has introduced the latest innovation in siphon brewing, elevating this classic method with contemporary design. And they’ve made sure steps forward.

    Hario’s redesigned handle offers a better grip with rubber coating. It’s not only easier to hold, but, unlike its plastic predecessor, it won’t heat while you brew. The NEXT Siphon’s lower chamber has also been updated, with new volumetric markings at 400, 500, and 600 milliliters. As always, the lid serves to keep heat in during extraction and keep the upper chamber stable afterwards.

    Siphons are known for their distinctive cloth filter, which permits the passage of oils but not suspended solids. The result: a crisp, clean cup with poppin’ flavor and full intensity. But if you enjoy coffee that’s more textured with solids and has a heavier mouthfeel, you can now use the NEXT Siphon with the included metal filter. The choice is yours.

    Includes: upper and lower brewing chambers, lid, stand, alcohol burner, spoon/stirrer, metal filter, cloth filter, and filter holder.

    For more information please head to Hario.