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    Brews coffee for up to 4 people


    Hario has been producing great coffee equipment since 1921 and V60 ceramic coffee dripper is one of their finest inventions. There is a reason why the ceramic coffee dripper is so popular amongst baristas and that reason is simple – fantastic coffee.

    The name V60 is because of it’s V-shaped cone with a spiral design causing maximum extraction during the pour-over. At first, it might seem like a complicated process to brew coffee this way but after using the ceramic coffee dripper once or twice, you will discover, that the brewing process is actually simple.


    The ceramic model features high-quality ceramic showcased by the glossy appearance. It´s perfect to serve fresh coffee in 3 to 4 minutes.


    If you’re looking to make coffee regularly for one or two people, you might prefer a smaller dripper. See our Hario V60 01 listing.


    It requires filters VCF-02.